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How To Breed Angelfish

Over the past 10 years, people have asked me many questions on how to breed angelfish.

Anyway, I started to write down questions on how to breed angel fish for the past few years. And just recently, I decided to type them out and let everyone see them.

Sometimes the answers may seem very common sense… but that’s how to breed angel fish. You see, angelfish aren’t complicated. In fact, the more simple you keep your set up, the water changes and feeding, the easier it is going to be for your angelfish.

And you know what?

Angelfish can breed on their own! You see, sometimes we think we have to do all the work for angelfish to breed.

But angel fish still have their wild instinct. (And lucky for us, it hasn’t been bred out of them!)

So here they are… Questions that people have asked on How to breed angelfish.

For you to enjoy.

How to breed angel fish

What are the growth stages of Angel Fish?

o Egg – 0 to 60 hours

o Wigglers – From hatching to free Swimming – Depending on the
temperature, this usually occurs on the 7th Day

o Fry – From free swimming to taking the form of an Angelfish

o Juveniles – When they take on the appearance of an angelfish

o Adults – Usually around 9-12 months once they are at breeding stage

How can I tell male angelfish from female angelfish?
There are some subtle differences that an experienced angelfish breeder can use to help identify mature males and females. Some angelfish enthusiasts say that the angle of the anal fin in relation to the belly of the angelfish, will identify the sex. Others say that some male angels may have a hump on the crown and some may be larger than the females. There seems to be too many ways of telling them apart, but none seem to be 100% correct. These differences do not exist on immature angelfish, all of the time. Therefore, the only sure way to tell the difference between mature males from mature females is to examine the breeding tubes during spawning. The female’s breeding tube is wider and more blunt than the male’s.

Does the pecking order change when a pair is formed?
Normally the pecking order will stay as it is until a pair is formed. Once a male and female form a pair, then it does change everything in the tank. The pair will normally be aggressive in defending their territory. The pecking order will be no more. At this time, it would be good idea to either remove the pair from the tank, or the other fish from it.

Can two different types of angelfish breed?
Yes they can. Whether it is black, koi, golden, silver etc, they will spawn with
any other type of angel. That is how new varieties are created. It will not
matter if they have standard fins, veils or super veils, pearl scales, blushing or not.

I have two angles now, so how do I tell if they are male or female?
Depending on the size of the angelfish now, it may take some time before you can tell their sex. The only real way of telling whether you have a male or female is by waiting for them to spawn. At that time, you will be able to see their breeding tube. The female’s tube is blunt and much larger than the male’s. Their breeding tubes can be said to be like a pencil. The female has a blunt tube, while the male has something similar to the tip of the pencil, shorter and pointy. During spawning, the female’s lower body will thicken as she starts to produce eggs.

Can I get a pair of angels from keeping two angels?
With only two angels it is hard to get a pair. It has been done, but getting five or six angels and growing them up gives you a better chance for a pair. The chances of getting at least one pair from six angelfish is 95%.

I do not want to breed angelfish. What should I do?
If you are keeping your angelfish in a community tank, then another fish will generally eat the eggs when the lights go out. Sometimes, the parents will eat them once it gets dark. If you get parents that are protective enough to hatch their eggs in a community environment, there is still a chance that they do not survive. Breeding angelfish is not rocket science, but it is not that simple either.

What size do you sell baby angels at?
The answer to this will depend on what size the fish store wants to purchase
them at. Some places won’t buy them unless they are quarter size in body.
Some will buy them at dime to nickel size. Normally, fish stores will take them when they are nickel size. When they are small, their immune system is still growing. As there is more chance that they may not survive when they are smaller, the fish stores will only buy them when they are a reasonable size.

What is reasonable will depend on your fish store.
What can I do to make sure the youngsters grow quickly to their adult
size? What food should I feed them and how often should they be fed?
There are several choices of quality foods. A color and growth flake from
Angels Plus is a good choice. Also frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms may
help them grow quickly. Depending on the size they are now, you might have to feed them 3 to 4 times a day. The problem with this is that the more you feed them, the more strain you put on your tank when it comes to waste. You will need to make sure you constantly do water changes.

When do angelfish reach adult size?
They normally reach adult size at around 10 to 12 months.

What’s the correct size to breed angelfish in?
Generally speaking, a 20 gallon tank is considered to be adequate to breed a pair of angelfish.

What about a fry tank? What’s a good size for them?
Again, a 20 gallon tank may be sufficient for fry. In saying this, you need to
make sure that you maintain high water quality. Once they get a little bigger, you will need to get yourself a grow out tank.

What size and how old before angelfish start pairing up?
Angelfish will begin breeding more by age than by size. Depending on the
tank, a pair of angelfish may form around 8 to 12 months. You may find that you get a pair earlier than this, while other times, you may find that they pair up later than 12 months.

How big are angelfish eggs?
They are the size of a pinhead.

What happens during the first week once they laid their eggs?
If the female has deposited her eggs, and the male fertilizes them, the
following should occur;

Day 0: The eggs are spawned in lines.

Day 1: Any infertile eggs will turn white.

Day 2: More eggs may turn white and fall to the bottom of the tank.
Some eggs may have fungus on them, which turns them fuzzy.
Today, wiggling tails may emerge from clear eggs.

Day 3: Tadpole shape forms with large yolk sack, fry remain stuck to
the slate.

Day 4: Small eyes begin to form. The fry will survive on their yoke sacs.
There is no need to feed them yet.

Day 5: Eyes grow larger, yolk sack shrinks. Today, you will need to
start your baby brine shrimp hatchery.

Day 6: Some fry are free swimming.

Day 7: Most of the fry should be free swimming. This is the time to start
feeding them baby brine shrimp.

If the female angelfish has been stressed, is it likely it will lay more
There may be a chance that it will still spawn, but the healthy and less
stressed an angelfish is, the more chance that they have of spawning.

Hi, My name is Jamieson Vale and I’ve kept angelfish since I was six!

Anyway, I have been keeping and breeding angelfish for over 25 years.

Things To Know About Fad Diets

eople who have undergone weight loss in the past very well know what it takes to lose those extra flabs on the body; a long term commitment. Still the fact looms that savvy dieters occasionally get tempted by the swift weight loss promised by fad diets. Some people tend to get over the negatives associated with most fad diets as each new �lose weight quickly’ ploy comes along, possibly due to the lack of knowledge about the food items that carry nutritional value and those that don’t. Today, people easily get attracted towards fad diets as many don’t get the proper guidance on staple diet and due to inadequate information through proper channel. Given ahead are some basic but important points that each one must consider before getting towards fad diets.

Beware About Magical and Passing Claims

It’s typically a human nature to be attracted to fad diets, which promise quick and easy results. There isn’t any standard definition of a fad diet. Following are some of the points that indicate a weight loss plan is an ineffective fad diet.

The diet claims to be a swift weight losing diet at quite an unrealistic pace The claims sound too good to be true
The diet’s suggestions seem extreme as well
Statements made about the diet are disproved by reputable scientific organizations
These fad diet involves crash dieting or very intense reductions in eating and drinking

Popularity of Fad Diets

One question that still looms over is why do fad diets become the craze? Several factors typically lead to their popularity. They are:

�Quick weight loss claims: In this age of everything instant, it’s natural for anyone to fall for a weight loss plan that promises swift weight loss in Mumbai in only weeks instead of months
�Endorsements by Celebrity: Some celebrities endorse for such fad diets without really knowing the truth
�Mentality of �Elimination’: The idea that cutting out some foods will lead in quick weight loss plays into popular beliefs about dieting. Several of these diets promote elimination of one or multiple food groups for a set number of days or in very particular combinations with some sort of trick. Many people aren’t ready for dieting the natural way and thus willingly accept this type of weight loss plan, at least for a brief period.
�Sheer Pressure: If friends and relatives are following a fad diet, then it’s tempting to join in.

Question Related to Fad Diets

The most vital question about any weight loss plan is not whether it’s effective, but whether it’s safe and healthy for you. Several fad diets do work for a short period of time, generally causing you to drop pounds due to probably unhealthy calorie reduction or water weight loss. However, while you enjoy the benefits of this new swift weight loss plan, you also need to consider its overall nutritional content. The sad part is, several fad diets do not meet the nutritional requirements of most people and set an individual up for failure. When the diet fails, the dieters could blame themselves and develop a feeling of demoralization and hopelessness. This can make it harder to make the healthy changes required for long term weight loss.

Fad diets can often be confusing and can mislead individuals who look for quick weight loss. So, it’s best to follow recommendations by reputable organizations or nutrition experts who can guide you through a healthy weight loss.


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Learn How to Breed Your Own Angelfish

Most fishes have shown no apparent responsibility for the care of their fry – indeed, the every opposite may be true. However, with Cichlids, the picture changes completely. Here we have a species that chooses its mate, jointly selects and defends a spawning site, spawns out in the open and then safeguards its young offspring against all-comers. Can you imagine what it’s like to witness such a sequence?

Although Angelfish will spawn in the community aquarium (much to the discomfort of the other fishes), it is far better to give them a tank of their own where they can become parents without the added stress of having to consider the presence of other fishes.

If possible, the Angelfish spawning tank should have a fair depth of water, 38 cm (15″) or so. It should be furnished with some broad-leaved plants, such as Amazon Swordplants and a few pieces of slate (possible spawning sites) leaning against the sides of the aquarium; these pieces of slate should be fairly long and can be nearly vertical.

A good trigger to set Angelfish spawning is a slight rise in temperature, so set the thermostat to a couple of degrees higher than in the main aquarium.

To obtain a compatible pair of Angelfish – they seem to like to choose their own mates – the best way is to buy half a dozen young Angelfish, grow them up and let them self-select. There are numerous strains of Angelfish around and should you have a mixed selection then don’t be surprised if say, a Silver strain pairs off with a Gold strain, they’re not that selective. If you want to minimize peculiar colored offspring then it might be best to stick with one particular strain.

So, one day you notice that in your community tank two Angelfish are going around together, perhaps shooing away the other fish from one particular area. This may be the early signs of selecting a spawning site. Look closely at the vent areas of the Angelfish and you will probably be able to see the white ovipositor tube projecting from the vent. This tube is through which the female extrudes eggs and the male his sperm. Sexing Angelfish can be a hit and miss affair and although many authorities have decreed certain clues, there is only one definite clue to decide things for you.

The size and shape of the male’s ovipositor is different to that of the female. The male’s ovipositor is not so broad and it rather pointed; the female’s ovipositor has to be thicker in order to pass the eggs through it whereas that of the male only has to pass liquid sperm. Conjecture about the sexes of the fish may be the subject of some discussion, but really it is only relevant at spawning time – when the fish have already made their minds up about things – and this is the only time you will be able to see their ovipositors anyway. Now is the time to give them their own quarters.

Angelfish spend a few days selecting a spawning site, which may be a leaf surface, a piece of slate, a filter tube or even the front glass! Whatever they choose, they will then clean it scrupulously by biting off any debris and spitting it out.

When satisfied that all is well, the female fish will then make a few practice passes up the spawning site, pressing her ventral surface against its whole length, with her long bony pelvic fins folded back along her body.

Eventually, she will repeat this exercise but this time eggs will be laid on the surface of the spawning site. The male will have been watching all these manoeuvres and soon will make similar passes up the spawning site to fertilize the eggs.

Keeping the fertilized eggs clean, and supplied with a flow of oxygenated water, becomes the most important task for the two adult Angelfish. They will fan the eggs continuously with their pectoral fins and, without warning, are likely to transfer the whole batch of eggs to a new, previously selected and cleaned site, much to your consternation as you may have thought they were eating them!

After a couple of days, the eggs hatch and become a wriggling mass of tails and egg yolks. The fry will remain on the spawning site for about a week before they rise, as one, and become free-swimming young fish. During this time the parents continually take them into their mouths to clean them before returning them to the spawning site surface; you have to be brave to watch this – there’s an overwhelming urge to net out the parents to protect the fry!

Now the parents really begin to worry! They actually herd the young to where they want them to be; any fry that ventures too far from the crowd is rapidly sought out, taken into the parent’s mouth and spat back with his brothers and sisters. The parents even put the flock of fry to bed each night, back on the spawning site.

Feeding the young should commence with newly-hatched Brine Shrimp. Feed the parents their normal flake food as normal; any flakes that settle on the tank base may be fanned up by the parents, taken in and spat out as miniaturized food for their young.

But suppose the adult fish do not conform to this expected parental role, but decide to neglect or start to eat the eggs? What can you do then? You must remove the parents obviously and put them back into the main aquarium. You then have to take over as guardian of the fry.

Place an airstone near to the spawning site so as to create a flow of water over the eggs. Carry out partial water changes every other day in the fry tank to minimize fungal growth on the eggs. Cleanliness is the most important factor in artificially raising eggs away from the natural parents.

Do not add liquid fry food to the tank until the fry are free-swimming and actively looking for food. To do so, would be to waste the food and also run the risk of polluting the tank; remember, during the first seven days the fry are absorbing nourishment from their yolk-sacs and have no need of extra food.

The same previously made comments about feeding and leaving the light on over the tank 24 hours a day applies to these fry too.

After a couple of weeks of regular feeding with Brine Shrimp and so on should result in the tiny fry taking on the high dorsal and long anal fin typical of the Angelfish and you know that you have successfully bred another species.

Train Your Biceps With “Seated Hammer Curls With Resistance Band” Exercise

Resistance training is a special type of exercise routine that makes use of an opposing force of resistance to train the large muscle groups. The equipment that is used to perform resistance training exercises include free weights such as dumbbells and barbells, resistance bands, exercise machines, your own body weight and other heavy objects like water bottles, bricks or sugar bags. Resistance training exercises help increase the stamina, physical performance, energy levels and size of skeletal muscles. Moreover, they also maintain the health of bones and joints. Performing a combination of resistance training and cardio exercises improves the health of cardiovascular system and protects against the risk of heart attack, stroke, coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis.

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In order to begin this exercise, sit on a chair or ball with resistance band underneath your feet. Your arms and back should be straight and feet should rest flat on the ground. With both arms down at sides, grab the exercise band and curl it up toward the shoulders. Keep elbows still during the movement and exhale. Slowly return to starting position to complete one rep. Repeat several times to challenge your biceps and forearms.

Seated Hammer Curls with Resistance band and other resistance training exercises need to be performed with a right technique to avoid the risk of an injury. Therefore, it makes a good idea to perform resistance training workouts in the supervision of a professional gym trainer. Not only will he or she guide you on how to perform exercises safely, but will also suggest you a right combination of compound resistance training workouts to tone and develop biceps and forearms simultaneously. Moreover, he will also design you a balanced diet plan keeping in view your age, body weight and training needs.

Along with performing resistance training exercises, consume foods that are high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Make sure that foods are less fatty and without cholesterol. Restrict on intake of foods rich in salt, sugar and refined-grain stuffs. The daily recommended allowance is 2,000 calories for an average male adult and 1,700 calories for an average female adult. Don’t eat more food than your body needs. Keep away from unhealthy habits such as smoking, lack of exercise and unprotected sex as they increase the risks of cancer, type-2 diabetes and HIV respectively. Broaden your range of healthy food options and try consuming foods that you normally don’t eat especially pulses, legumes, nuts and green leafy vegetables.